Celebrating 15 Years of Zorin OS

A message from our founders Artyom & Kyrill Zorin.

Zorin logo overlayed on a screenshot of Zorin OS 1.0

Today marks 15 years since the release of Zorin OS version 1.0 on 1 July 2009. This release was the proof of concept behind the goal of Zorin OS: to create a Linux desktop experience accessible to everyone. An operating system that’s faster, more powerful, secure, and privacy-respecting, all while giving you back the freedom and control of your digital life. This has been the north star to guide our direction ever since.

By maintaining a clear focus on simplicity and continuously improving Zorin OS over the years, we’ve been able to manifest this goal into reality. Today, Zorin OS is a powerful computing experience that has been enjoyed by countless people in homes, schools, businesses, and governments around the world.

We’re thrilled to say that the latest Zorin OS 17 release has reached over 1.3 million downloads & upgrades since its release six months ago. What’s even more exciting is that over 78% of new downloads came from Windows and macOS users, reflecting our mission to bring the power of Linux to people who’ve never had access to it before. We’ve been overwhelmed by the terrific feedback we’ve heard from you and the press, with the latest Zorin OS featured in ZDNET, ExplainingComputers, and WIRED.

None of this progress could be possible without the help of you; the community. We want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you: from our very first users; to those who supported us with the Pro edition; to the volunteers on our forum; to everyone who spread the word of Zorin OS throughout the years.

The Zorin OS Archive

We’ve received many requests from the community for access to historical versions of Zorin OS. To celebrate this anniversary, we’ve created a way to go back in time and experience every release of Zorin OS since the very beginning.

This is the first time all historical versions of Zorin OS have been published for download in one place. This includes the little-known Zorin OS Limited Edition ‘09, which was previously only available to purchase on DVD during the Holiday Season of 2009.

Screenshots of all versions of Zorin OS

We hope the Zorin OS Archive will be a fun and helpful resource to Zorin OS fans for years to come.

Visit the Zorin OS Archive ›

The future

We believe the next 15 years will be even more incredible than the last. The future is bright!

As always, our core focus will be to continue making Zorin OS even better for the benefit of all.

However, we have big plans to take the original goal of Zorin OS even further. From the expansion of our core team to the introduction of new products that will broaden the reach of Zorin OS to many new kinds of users. We can’t wait to share these developments with you over the coming months and years.

Once again, we want to thank every one of you for being part of this exciting journey together so far. Here’s to the next 15 years!

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