The Zorin OS Upgrader Has Arrived

Our most anticipated feature ever. Upgrade directly between major releases and editions of Zorin OS in-place.

Computer displaying desktop layouts in Zorin OS 16

After receiving countless requests from you throughout the years, we’re thrilled to introduce our most anticipated feature ever: the Zorin OS Upgrader. It allows you to upgrade between releases and editions of Zorin OS in-place, easily and seamlessly.

In the past, the only way to upgrade between major releases of Zorin OS (for example, Zorin OS 15 to 16) or between editions (Zorin OS Core to Pro) was to perform a clean install. That meant you needed to back up your files and erase your apps & settings upon each major upgrade, before setting up your work environment from scratch again.

The new Zorin OS Upgrader makes this process easier by allowing you to keep your current installation. Simply follow a few quick steps to select your upgrade option and sit back while it handles the heavy lifting.

How to upgrade

Starting today, you can upgrade from the free editions of Zorin OS 16 to the Pro edition or from Zorin OS 15 (64-bit) to Zorin OS 16.

The Zorin OS Upgrader is currently in Beta testing and may cause stability issues in rare cases. We don’t recommend choosing this option for mission-critical production systems.

However, if you wish to be among the first to try it today, you can learn how to use the new Zorin OS Upgrader in our upgrade guide.

Upgrade Zorin OS today (Beta)

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After the Beta testing period is completed in the coming weeks, the Zorin OS Upgrader will roll out to all Zorin OS 15 and 16 users as a software update.

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