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After months of work, we’re excited to launch Zorin Help: the easiest way to get help with Zorin OS and learn more about using the system.

It’s our new website that brings together a vast knowledge base of articles covering all of the most common support queries, whether you’re getting started with Zorin OS or using the system day-to-day.

We’ve put simplicity and user-friendliness top of mind when creating this new site and its content. Every article was carefully written to be clear and accessible for all Zorin OS users: first-timers, experienced veterans, and everyone in between. Embedded screenshots and graphics accompany you through guides and tutorials, so you can visualize the process easier.

We designed the site to make it effortless for you to find the exact answers you’re looking for in an instant. Browse articles by category, or search through the entire knowledge base in real-time.

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Zorin Help already has over 50 articles, and this library will continue to evolve and expand over time.

Our goal is for Zorin Help to be the go-to place for users of all experience levels to get help with any question so they can get the most out of Zorin OS. It’s an instrumental part of our long-term vision to create the best and most user-friendly computing platform, for the benefit of all.

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