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Zorin OS Pro

We’re excited to introduce the newest edition of Zorin OS. Zorin OS Pro brings together the best apps and most advanced features, so you can unleash the full potential of your computer to do your greatest work. It comes bundled with our technical support service so you can get up and running smoothly. And every purchase helps to fund the development of the Zorin OS project for the benefit of all.

Choose from all 8 desktop layouts in Zorin Appearance

The Zorin Appearance app is extended to include all 8 desktop layouts in Zorin OS Pro. It features 4 Premium layouts – macOS-like, Windows 11-like, Windows Classic-like, and Ubuntu-like layouts – in addition to the 4 standard layouts included in Zorin OS Core. That way, you can use the desktop you’re familiar with or simply customize your computer to how you like it.

macOS-like, Windows 11-like, Windows Classic-like, and Ubuntu-like layouts

Premium desktop layouts only in Zorin OS Pro

Windows icons, Windows list, Touch, and Gnome Shell layouts

Standard desktop layouts

The Windows 11-like desktop layout is brand-new in Zorin OS 16 Pro. It features a modern and streamlined UI that adapts well to computers with touchpads, mice, or touchscreens. The new grid menu, activities overview button, and taskbar icons are placed front and center for easy access and effortless navigation on screens of all sizes.

Windows 11-like desktop layout

Professional-grade creative suite

Create with the same apps the pros use. Zorin OS Pro includes an advanced video editor, Photoshop-compatible image editor, illustration software, audio workstation, animation software, and the same 3D graphics & effects software used by Hollywood studios, just to name a few. With tools this powerful, your imagination is the only limit.

Illustration software, video editor, and 3D graphics & effects software

Advanced productivity software

To help get the most out of your work, Zorin OS Pro comes pre-loaded with apps and tools to help you be more productive.

Share your mouse and keyboard across computers

Use one mouse and keyboard to control all of your computers with the built-in Barrier app. Simply move the cursor to the edge of the screen to switch between devices seamlessly. It even shares the clipboard, so you can copy text from one computer to paste into a document on another computer.

Working across computers

Write, sketch, scribble and speak your notes

Take notes or annotate images & PDF documents effortlessly with the Xournal++ app. Pick up a pen to write naturally, draw diagrams with automatic shape recognition, or simply type with your keyboard. It can even record audio from the microphone while taking notes, so you can remember everything from your meetings or lectures.

Taking notes on a convertible laptop

Cast your desktop to the big screen

The Network Displays app allows you to share your desktop with other displays seamlessly and wirelessly. It connects over your local network and works with Wi-Fi Display or Miracast-compatible devices, like most modern TVs or Wireless Display Adapters. It’s perfect for playing back videos at home or showing your presentation at the office without needing to fiddle with cables.

Laptop casting a movie to a TV

…and many other productivity apps

  • 2D & 3D CAD
  • Password Manager
  • Accounting Software
  • Mind Maps
  • Screen Recorder
  • E-book Reader
  • Break Timer

…just to name a few.

Stunning artwork to inspire you

Zorin OS Pro includes a curated collection of beautiful abstract wallpapers in addition to the standard set. They help to form an environment that will spark your creativity.

Abstract wallpapers in Zorin OS 16 Pro

Pro Lite edition for old PCs

Every purchase of Zorin OS Pro will let you get access to a Lite edition. It’s built to run fast on old computers, but still includes Premium desktop layouts and the same creative suite and productivity apps as in Zorin OS Pro.

Zorin OS 16 Pro Lite on an old computer

Get help from us with Zorin Installation Support

Have any questions or queries while setting up Zorin OS? Zorin OS Pro comes bundled with the Zorin Installation Support service which lets you get technical support, directly from our team.

Support the development of Zorin OS

As an independent company, we want to create great products that give back your privacy and freedom. Every purchase of Zorin OS Pro helps to fund our operations, so we can improve Zorin OS further for the benefit of all.


How to get Zorin OS Pro

Zorin OS 16 Pro will be available to download alongside the full release of Zorin OS 16 Core next Tuesday, on 17 August. Zorin OS Pro will replace Zorin OS Ultimate in our lineup from the release of Zorin OS 16 onward, and will be available at the same price-point as Zorin OS 15 Ultimate.

We will also release the Pro Lite edition alongside the launch of Zorin OS 16 Lite within the next few months. Everyone who purchases Zorin OS 16 Pro will receive access to the Pro Lite edition as soon as it’s available at no extra cost.

If you wish to be the first to know when Zorin OS 16 Pro and Pro Lite will be available, stay tuned here or subscribe to our newsletter.

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