Introducing Zorin Grid: Manage All of Your Organization’s Computers as Easily as One.

Introducing Zorin Grid: Manage All of Your Organization’s Computers as Easily as One.

We’ve been working on a major new product over the past 2 years, and we’re excited to finally introduce it to you today.

Since the beginning of the Zorin OS project in 2008, our mission has always been to bring the power of Linux to people who’ve never had access to it before. It has been downloaded millions of times since then, helping countless users switch to Linux and giving them a better, easier, and more secure computing experience.Now, we’re moving onto the next part of the Zorin OS master plan: to bring Linux into the working world; into businesses, schools, and organizations. We’re making this possible with the help of our new product called Zorin Grid.

What is Zorin Grid

Zorin Grid is a tool that makes it simple to set up, manage, and secure a fleet of Linux-powered computers in your business, school, or organization. It will give IT staff and technicians a centralized place to administrate all of the computers as easily as one.

Zorin Grid will connect to all of your organization’s computers and allow you to perform tasks remotely on them, including:

  • Installing and removing apps
  • Setting software update and security patch policies
  • Monitoring computer status
  • Enforcing security policies
  • Keeping track of software and hardware inventory
  • Setting desktop settings

…And much more. You’ll be able to choose how to configure computers once, and Zorin Grid will apply these choices across the organization going forward, or to a select group of computers. That way, onboarding new computers into your organization will take seconds, not hours. Managing computers will be like putting IT on autopilot, but you’ll still have complete control over your fleet when you need it.

Because Zorin Grid will be based in the cloud, you’ll have access to all of this functionality and control anytime, anywhere, securely from your devices.

Zorin Grid dashboard

By bringing together the power and advantages of Linux with the easy management of Zorin Grid, we’re aiming to give businesses, schools, and organizations around the world a better alternative to Windows and macOS. With Zorin OS + Zorin Grid, we want to let organizations work more efficiently with their technology, stay safer from cybersecurity threats, reduce costs, and free IT from repetitive maintenance, so they can focus on what matters.This is our vision for the future of IT in the workplace.

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Coming soon

Zorin Grid will be available later this year and will support managing Zorin OS computers. Support for more Linux-based operating systems will arrive shortly after the initial launch of Zorin Grid.

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How to switch your organization to Zorin OS

In the meantime, we have created a step-by-step guide to help you to make the switch to Zorin OS in your business, school, or organization. It will help prepare you and your employees to make the migration as smooth and comfortable as possible (Reading time: 8 minutes):

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