The City of Vicenza is Choosing Zorin OS

The City of Vicenza is Choosing Zorin OS

The City of Vicenza, Italy is launching a pilot program which aims to migrate the municipality’s computers from Microsoft Windows to Zorin OS.

Thanks to the performance, flexibility, cost and ease of use of the system, Zorin OS was selected to replace Windows on the municipality’s 700 workstations, serving 895 employees. The pilot project was announced at a press conference this morning by Filippo Zanetti, the Councillor for Simplification and Innovation at Vicenza’s municipality. Over the coming weeks, Zorin OS will be installed on a number of the municipality’s computers. After the first phase of the trial, Zorin OS is scheduled to be rolled out gradually to the rest of the municipality’s workstations.

This initiative was stemmed from another project which migrated a Vicenza school’s computers to Zorin OS last summer. In order to avoid unnecessary spending on upgrading the hardware in the computer lab, Albano Battistella – a volunteer parent – installed Zorin OS on the school’s 40 computers. Students and teachers at Trissino Comprehensive Institute 11 now enjoy a fast and reliable computing experience at no additional cost.

We wish the municipality of Vicenza the very best during their trial of Zorin OS. We believe that the switch to Zorin OS will bring about many benefits to the people of Vicenza as well as to the schools, organisations and municipalities who follow Vicenza’s lead.

Source: Città di Vicenza / City of Vicenza
Photo: Francesco Ongaro(CC BY-SA 3.0)

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