Zorin OS 6.2 Educational and Multimedia have landed

The Zorin OS Team are pleased to announce the release of Zorin OS 6.2 Educational and Multimedia, our operating system designed for Windows users. Zorin OS 6.2 builds on top of our popular previous release of Zorin OS 6.1 with newly updated software, a newer kernel out of the box and Zorin Menu. Zorin Menu is our continuation of the GnoMenu start menu software which has been included in every version of Zorin OS before. The first release of Zorin Menu, included in Zorin OS 6.2 for the first time, provides lots of bug fixes to ameliorate the overall stability of Zorin OS. As Zorin OS 6.2 is based on Ubuntu 12.04 it is an LTS (Long Term Support) release, provided with software updates until April 2017.

Users who already have Zorin OS 6 or 6.1 Educational/Multimedia installed can update their system using the Update Manager to avail of the aforementioned updates and improvements in 6.2, except for Zorin Menu. Unfortunately, due to the highly integrated nature of Zorin Menu we are unable to provide it as a software update to existing Zorin OS users at the moment. Those who wish to take advantage of the features and stability of Zorin Menu are advised to do a clean install of Zorin OS 6.2.

You can download Zorin OS 6.2 Educational here and get Zorin OS 6.2 Multimedia here.

We hope that you enjoy using Zorin OS!

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