More news about Zorin OS 6

We have recently released the Zorin OS 6 Lite and Educational Lite versions, which are based on Lubuntu 11.10, and this caused some speculation about the release date of the other editions of Zorin OS 6. We have decided to base Zorin OS 6 Core, Ultimate, Multimedia, Business, Gaming and Educational on Ubuntu 12.04 (currently in development) as opposed to Ubuntu 11.10 to significantly improve system stability and enhance performance & functionality, as suggested by our users.

We will be using our own desktop environment called “Zorin Desktop” instead of the Unity, GNOME Shell and Cinnamon desktop environments to provide a familiar user interface with support for the Zorin Look Changer.

We currently do not have an exact release date for these editions of Zorin OS 6. Please stay tuned for more information regarding these releases.

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