News about Zorin OS 6

We would like to share some information about the progress on the development of Zorin OS 6 to clear up some uncertainty among the community.

We will be releasing the release candidates of Zorin OS 6 Lite and Lite Educational shortly.

Unfortunately Zorin OS 6 Core, Educational and the Premium releases (Ultimate, Multimedia, Business and Gaming) are unlikely to be released in the near future. This is due to the radical changes made in Ubuntu 11.10, our base system for Zorin OS 6. As GNOME 3 has been adopted in this release many of the integral programs relating to the graphical user interface that we have been using in earlier releases of Zorin OS, have been made redundant and unusable because of these changes. As keeping a familiar Windows-like interface to make Zorin OS easy to use is our main goal, we are developing our own desktop environment to try to keep things as familiar to previous releases of Zorin OS as possible while also embracing the new desktop technologies such as the GNOME 3 software stack. We do not plan to use the Unity or GNOME Shell desktop environments in Zorin OS 6.

We are unfortunately facing some critical bugs caused by the radical changes in Ubuntu 11.10 which we are still working on. Unfortunately we cannot give you a time-frame for this release as we are facing major difficulties in fixing these bugs.

Please stay tuned to this blog for more information on Zorin OS 6.

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